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If you are a woman looking for real estate, then you probably have come to a realization that it is a bit of a man's world. While many real estate companies and many a Brampton real estate agent will look to the woman when showcasing a home for a couple, the financial matters are usually directed towards a man. Even when dealing with a female agent, women can often be overlooked during the finer details of a real estate transaction.

Well, it can be even worse for a single woman out looking to buy a piece of real estate for the first time. One of the biggest obstacles women have when looking through the ads or at real estate in general is divorcing the concepts of personal taste and finances. Don't get us wrong, it is also a problem for men, but men seem to have an easier time disengaging the emotional and the practical where real estate is concerned.

With more women career oriented than ever, though, there is a definite market out there for pieces of real estate appealing for the single woman. If you are a woman out looking for the perfect home in both an emotional and financial manner, then the book Home Girl: The Single Woman's Guide can be of great service for you.

The book was written by Brenda Bouw, who has been on the real estate writing circuit for years. Moreover, she earned her chops in one of the toughest markets for buyers anywhere in Canada, the fearsome city of Vancouver. A real estate agent could tell you that homes anywhere in this city are roughly twice as much and more as back east, making it a formidable job for anyone looking for a good home to call their own.

Bouw translates the experience she has gained from the real estate world into practical application which will prove beneficial for any single woman looking to buy a home for sale or any other piece of real estate. Writing from a woman's perspective, she knows how to illustrate the various points important for female buyers as they go house hunting, and how to rank those points as well so you don't get too caught up in one aspect over another.

Moreover, Bouw's book is appealing for its target market because it reads a lot more like a story than a dry how-to manual. There are many different true life scenarios depicted, everything from applying for a Sutton mortgage to owning commercial property. This helps not only to put a practical edge on instructive advice, but also moves the reader along well. The book has been called useful not just for women but for all home buyers, and is certainly worth taking a look at. It does matter if you are a single/married woman/man, if you need mortgage help, 2nd (second) mortgage by Cannect Home Financing is exactly where you want to start.

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