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When people move to a bigger house, they often expect to have more in the way of property. A person might dream of putting their condo up for salemany and moving into a house that comes complete with a big yard, perfect for gardening and landscaping. In fact, home owners the world over put gardening as their number one hobby. It offers something to do in their free time, something to look after, and visible production as well.

The reality for many new home owners today, though, is that small yards are the new norm. Take a look at the average new home for sale in Toronto and you will see that yards have shrunk by about 2/3 over the last five years, if you get a yard at all! Developers might say this is because of consumer demand, but the statistics certainly don't back that up. It seems as though just as many people want to garden, they just don't have space like they used to.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can pursue this fun hobby even with a small yard. In fact, a lot of people might say that having a smaller workspace outside might even make the task of designing a nice garden more of a challenge, therefore more worth the effort. Not to mention you will spend a little less money each year; no need to go out for a riding lawn mower for a tiny plot!

As far as ideas for small yards, we do have a few. First on the list is an idea from one of the most densely populated places on Earth, the country of Japan. Japan has seen beauty in small things for centuries, and applying that concept to a yard can be incredibly satisfactory. You probably won't want to go as small as the standard bonsai tree, but getting that miniature frame of mind going will help you realize all sorts of potential within your small space.

Take a look at your real estate to see what kind of levels your yard is at. Often, homeowners can work vertically in order to increase their actual garden space. This might mean putting flower boxes and hanging baskets on porches and balconies, or even building up flower beds of your own, to get a tiered effect and create some more room. With some creativity, though, you can still create a paradise in your backyard.

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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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