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A famous quote, slightly paraphrased for our post-modern society, states that a person's home is a castle. That may well be, but part of the great thing about castle living is the estate on which the building is situated. When it comes to modern living, we all want our home to be akin to our own versions of what paradise must be like. Again, thanks to the society that we live in today, most people are aware that one person's definition of paradise might be very different from another's. In the articles you will find on these pages, we are going to take a look at the different ways in which you can make your own home your version of paradise.

Again on the theme of different tastes for all sorts of different people in today's world, we have decided to cover a very wide variety of paradise options on this site. Let's take a quick look at the big areas we will cover which can help you to decide on what type of estate you would like yourdream home to lie on.

Backyard Improvements

The majority of the people reading this site will probably have some limits when it comes to just what they can do to achieve their version of paradise in their backyards. You probably already have a home, and a family or at the least a career which somewhat limits your options insofar as relocation or home purchase are concerned. Still, you need not worry; paradise is something that you can create.

What we will be discussing along these lines are the various changes you can make in your existing backyard in order to redefine it and bring about your own version of what paradise really is. We think you will be surprised at just how many different options there are when it comes to improving your existing backyard, and the costs can be quite minimal when you go into your projects prepared!

Real Estate

For some of the visitors to this site, the best way to ensure an estate worthy of labeling a paradise is to go out and buy it. If you are in a position where you are thinking about relocating and finding that perfect house with the perfect backyard, look no further. On this site, we talk about some of the finest locations around when it comes to finding your own version of paradise in a home. Again, look for a wide variety of ideas in these articles as everyone's idea of a heavenly back yard can be different; the rugged outdoors enthusiast might prefer a backyard that opens up onto miles of hiking trails, while someone else might prefer some beach front property. We will talk about some of the best real estate locations around for these tastes and more; there are hundreds to choose from!

Vacation Property

And then, there is that wonderful demographic made up of people who are looking for the foreign version of paradise in their own backyards. These are generally people with few strings to tie them down in their home country, who have the ability to relocate either permanently or for a set amount of time each year. Tropical vacation homes are often the desire of these people; the backyard paradise in question here is what you might see on the front of a travel brochure. Emerald seas, white sand, and palm trees are visible from the garden kitchen window, and the sound of the surf and seabirds provides your daily soundtrack.

We will be covering some of the most popular vacation home spots for those looking for a backyard paradise on this site as well. Changes to various real estate laws in the last few years in several countries have opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for those interested in finding an international vacation home, or even a home in which to live permanently. There are a lot of different ideas to cover on this topic, and we know you will find the information we provide helpful.

So, whether you are looking to create your own paradise in your current home, to purchase your own version of paradise with the country, or move to the tropical version of paradise, this site is for you. We cover all three eventualities and provide some specifics to get you started on your dream haven today. From mold assessments to relocating, paradise in your backyard is possible for everyone!

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