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For as long as people have owned property of their own, one of the biggest attractions has been the backyard space. We could be talking about the vast plots of land owned by the ancient pharaohs or the forests used as personal playgrounds by European kings, or the simple half acre plot that was standard with a single family structure a decade ago. In all scenarios, the property owners included a piece of land on which they could get back to nature as they saw fit on their property.

Today, the dream of a backyard is no less pronounced than ever before. Unfortunately, backyards themselves have become rarer as property prices go up and plots of land get smaller. That means for a lot of us, traditional backyards might come at a price we cannot afford. You may make a living as a server or record statistics for a big company. Either way, you probably don't make enough in a year to truly afford that large piece of property in a large urban centre. Page sponsor: HVAC Warehouse, Master Distributor for Tin Knocker products in Canada

The price of plots of land is not the only thing keeping people from living in a house with a traditional backyard. Lack of space and convenience in general can also prevent a person from creating a backyard oasis of their own. This, of course, depends on where you buy your real estate. The city of Mississauga, for example, is located next to Toronto, where not a lot of undeveloped land is available. In this neighbourhood, as in many high density communities, condos are the main attraction. (Take a peek at some of the many condo developments available in Mississauga. There's not a lot of room to work within terms of nature when your home is ten storeys in the air and there's no soil to be found!

If you drive through other communities and cringe with jealousy and resentment when you see spacious backyards turned into plots of land that resemble an junk yard, don't fret. There are options for those looking to enjoy a backyard with their home, but without the traditional space to do it. Alternate backyards, those created using non-traditional means, are exactly the inspiration for this series of articles.

Backyards are entirely possible, even in a city as developed as Toronto. Dinner parties and having guests over in your alternate backyard is guaranteed to impress your friends as they consider your creativity. All you have to do is find ways of turning your rooftop or your balcony into a nice backyard, and that's what we are going to help you to do.

Utilizing your current space to create an alternate backyard is not your only option. We will also be taking a look at how some city dwellers are creating backyards in another location in the same city. They can't go out and enjoy these backyards as easily as they could buy a ticket for car sweepstakes, but they offer a nice recreational spot all the same.

Do you feel the urge to have a piece of property of your own to mold, but lack the space? Then this series of articles is definitely for you! Read on to find out how you can create your own alternate version of a traditional backyard with "Small Yard Designs"

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