XÁ:ytem Longhouse Interpretive Centre Mission, British Columbia

XÁ:ytem offers a unique opportunity to learn about Stó:lo spirituality, archaeology and history at a place where our culture has flourished for thousands of years.

XÁ:ytem welcomes financial contributions to support its rich cultural programming and for future development. XÁ:ytem is a non-profit charitable organization that offers a charitable tax receipts to donors, funders, individuals and organizations for their support to keep us operating and growing. If you wish to contribute please make out cheque or money order to the Stó:lo Heritage Trust Society and mail to 35087 Lougheed Highway, Mission, BC V2V 6T1. If you wish we accept Visa and Mastercard, American Express or Interact, please contact us at (604) 820-9725 or email [email protected]


"I'm very happy to see the people come up to Hatzic to see this rock and this place here where a long time ago our ancestors used to live."

---- Stó:lo Elder James Louie speaking at XÁ:YTEM, September 1991

One of the things that makes XÁ:YTEM unique is the blending of science with Native oral tradition. At XÁ:YTEM students are afforded an opportunity not only to see archaeology in action but also to explore the science of archaeology for themselves.

Archaeological evidence from XÁ:YTEM is physical testimony of long term Stó:lo presence, cultural traditions and spirituality. It also demonstrates that ancestors of the Stó:lo were a socially developed sedentary society of people who fished for salmon, systematically harvested the forests, traded over great distances and practiced a life rich in ceremony.

Open year round!

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