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At this point, you are probably aware that on this site we like to give everyone ideas that can help them create their own version of paradise. You can do this right in the house you live in now, or you can get your own little chunk of heaven in cottage country or near a body of water. You can be sure that someone somewhere is dreaming of weekends away from the city.

However, there is a third and perhaps most popular idea of what paradise in your own backyard might look like. While most of us do have our own versions of living in heaven here on Earth, the average poll will probably tell you that the first thing that springs to everyone's mind, as far as paradise living, is a house in a warm country with plenty of surf and beaches to walk on.

We think that once you start to see the wide variety of options available when it comes to destination real estate, you will agree that this dream is one that is entirely feasible for everyone. Having paradise in your own backyard is not something that only the super wealthy can look forward to. Real estate in the Caribbean for example runs a full range of styles and prices. Your may find that properties in the Southern United States run a bit less expensive than tropical island getaways. It is possible for anyone to have a home away from home there, or even to take up residence full time.

Real estate in the South is not the only option for those looking to live in paradise; far from it. There are hundreds of different places in North America and around the world that appeal to those looking to get their own place in the sun. We will take a look parts of Mexico, as well as other international destination real estate locations. A large part of the world still has a lot of land up for grabs, both developed and undeveloped, and changing real estate laws all over means that no matter where you live the dream of paradise living is open.

Everyone has their own version of what paradise living really looks like, but when it comes to the ideal vision of most people, destination real estate will be the number one choice on their lists. Palm trees, white sand, and aquamarine water just seem to be inseparable from perfect living and a relaxing environment. And they can be a great stress relief.. You'll find all three ingredients in abundance at the locations we detail in this section of the site, along with information vital to understanding what exactly your paradise living opportunity entails. It's worth a look for anyone thinking about purchasing vacation real estate, or a permanent residence, abroad.

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