Status cards in Canada are reserved for certain individuals that meet the requirements that are necessary to hold a status card. There are different types of status cards in Canada, but two of the most popular types are the SPC card reserved for students in Canada or the Indian status card that is designed for Indians. Both of these status cards have different requirements for qualification, but both status cards offer discounts on merchandise.

What Types Of Discounts

The amount of discount that you receive with your status card depends on the type of card that you have. However, student status cards can result in 10 to 15 percent off of your entire purchase. Indian status cards allow you to also avoid the additional tax. This makes it beneficial to shop and use your status card to get discounts on merchandise in stores like Wal-Mart or other retailers.

How a Canadian Status Card Works

status cards

Each status card works differently, but each card is a type of reward or loyalty program for a specific demographic. For example, the student status card is reserved for both high school and college students living in Canada. The rewards that can be obtained by simply using this card are accessible from thousands of retailors and stores throughout Canada. Each time individuals shop using their status card, they are automatically given instant savings from retailers that participate. These instant savings can really add up, which makes it beneficial to shop using your status card in Canada. Learn more at the official government site here.

Status Cards Not Valid At Every Store

You simply sign the back of your card and show your status card at the time of purchase. This will give you access to saving on certain merchandise and the total sum of your purchase. You can access a list that will give you all the participating retailers that acknowledge Canada status cards. Large retailers like Wal-Mart do acknowledge status cards.

Some Restrictions Apply

The cardholder of the status card must be present for the purchase and savings to be valid. Each status card works slightly differently and adds up to different savings amounts. It is important to always be aware of the type of status card that you have and the restrictions that apply to use of this card in Canada. Most status cards have an expiry date and are valid for only one year.

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