H2S Certification in Canada

The EEO laws in Northern Canada require any company that is regulated by the federal government provide equal opportunities to four groups: aboriginal people, women, the disabled and noticeable minorities. The Employment Equity Act was put in place so that no person of Canada be discriminated against. If you are Canadian ready and willing to work, able to perform the duties of the job than you cannot be denied employment according to the law.

The H2S certification, regardless of your race, creed, color or disability can be your key to entry with one of the petroleum and oil companies in Northern Canada. According to the law if you are certified and can handle the work that is required of the position you cannot be turned down for employment, see a full guide to the hazards involved at www.h2saliveonline.ca.

There are eleven grounds for discrimination under Canadian law. Every company that does business in Canada is not allowed to discriminate against anyone based on their gender, disability or race or any of the other eleven grounds for discrimination that is part of the Human Rights Act. The easiest way to learn about H2s I would say is to go to youtube and type H2s, great informational videos like these come up:


Under Represented

There are certain groups that are grossly underrepresented in the oil and petroleum industry. Those groups include women and the disabled. If you fall into either of these two categories getting your H2s certification can easily help to even out the playing field.
The companies that offer employment in the oil and petroleum industry are heavily regulated by the federal government and absolutely fall under the Employment Equity Act. If you have the ability to perform the duties and are certified in H2S than there is no reason that you can be turned away from a job.

Historically this type of work has been considered “mans work” but in today’s world there is no such thing as “man’s work” when everyone needs to make a living. As one of the underrepresented groups in the industry you can easily become employed. If you are disabled or a minority you can also easily find employment in this industry with your h2s certification which covers the safety of hydrogen sulfide.

The H2S Alive Course

H2S certification course takes 8 hours, one day. The course is comprehensive and will teach you everything you need to know to get your certification and ultimately a job. The course is the ticket to employment. Without H2S certification you cannot work in any of the oil and petroleum jobs in Canada. Get your certification and get a great paying job under the EEO Laws!

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