Drinking and driving is an incredibly serious offense in British Columbia, Canada, which can result in not only legal ramifications, but can also be financially devastating. Before you get behind the wheel of a car with alcohol in your system, you should first consider what you could be potentially risking. Your entire livelihood and bank account could be lost with just one lack of judgment. If you do not want your life savings to be at risk, you will take the precaution necessary before you drive drunk or seek adequate representation and defense against your charges.

Canadian Law

All crimes of driving impaired, reckless driving or refusal to give a breath sample require a defense. These crimes personal injury lawyerare serious and have very severe ramifications that can result in both jail time and the loss of money. Lawyers will be making serious profits off your misfortunes. Having this blemish on your driving record can have serious consequences that only result in additional costs. Therefore, drinking in driving is not worth the charges that could presumably ruin your life. For accurate information you will want to take a look at CANLII

Drunk Driving and Insurance

Driving under the influence can cost you a lot of money in higher insurance premiums. After a DUI offence, you will be seen as a high risk driver, which means that your insurance provider will raise your premium. Since drunk driving is both risky and dangerous, your premium will rise considerably. This raise in monthly premiums will quickly add up and be very costly to you over a long period of time. Therefore, if you don’t want your bank account to be at risk, you will fight your DUI charges with a Canadian lawyer such as seen with the information on personalinjury-lawyer.ca.

Consequences of Conviction in Canada

Being convicted of driving under the influence in Canada can result in a criminal record and even a 90 day suspension of your license. If you have a job where your license is necessary, you may even be at risk of losing employment. You would be forced to take out high interest loans from online lenders. Higher insurance premiums aren’t the only added expense that you might have to pay. Many DUI charges are also accompanied by other penalties that can really devastate your bank account. Not to mention the cost of reinstating your license, paying your car loan off and paying for all of your legal fees.

Drinking and Driving Isn’t Worth It

Drinking and driving not only puts lives at risks, but it can also be financially crippling. You will not only face legal ramifications that can hinder your life, but you will also pay huge monetary penalties that will devastate your bank account.

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